YIWA Achievers

Each YIWA member is special and talented in all areas. We celebrate and recognise all platforms of hard work in all industries. We are happy to share and update all of our achievers, please have a look!

Niky Kanayo – “I know” – New...

This talented and sweet member of YIWA Niky has blessed us with her soulful gospel single “I know”. This powerful, strong message lets people know that we should all cast our troubles on the Lord in times of trouble and despair. We commend Niky for relaying such a powerful message to the world and we

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Nwabueze Amuta – Pippa Fashion

If you are into fashion, looking good and trendy you’ll be glad to know that our YIWA representative in Lagos Nwabueze Amuta started a high street fashion retail brand with her sisters. The idea behind Pippa Fashion is to promote Nigerian made high street wears. All of their materials and sewing are gotten and done

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Nkiru – JeJe

Nkiru is a very talented artist, her voice is unlike no other. She is always working hard in her music and this shows in the finished product. She stays representing her Igbo culture very well! The meaning of her name is “the best is still to come” she truly embodies this meaning in all aspects.

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Njideka aka Nji

Njideka is the brand owner of  Kraftleatherco . Nji is so special in her creativity, individuality and uniqueness. She is a high sky flying entrepreneur that has embarked on a business venture that creates handbags and accessories. It’s one thing to sell a product but to craft and hand make your product from scratch is remarkable.

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Ogechi Anokwuru

YIWA congratulates and commends Ms Ogechi Anokwuru on achieving her Masters of Science in Public Health, 2017. Ogechi truly embraces her Igbo culture on all levels. She is highly intelligent and smart as her educational background shows. Her support and interest in the findings of Sickle cell is truly applaudable also. We truly know that

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Chiaka Valentina

Chiaka Valentina has made such a successful name for herself for her favourite pastime: Natural hair growth, culture and lifestyle. With thousands of subscribers she reaches many people to teach and make a difference. Not only does Chiaka have a successful YouTube channel, she is the founder of Oma oil that promotes the hair growth

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